Caucasian fir plantation

Caucasian fir

Abies nordmanniana

Production and sale Caucasian fir straight from the plantation.

Due to its symmetrical cross-section, it is ideally suited for a Christmas tree, both cut as well as in a pot. Considered the noblest Christmas tree. The Caucasian fir belongs to the pine family (pinaceae), cold green. It has soft, delicate and non-corrosive needles with an intense dark green color and a length of 2-3cm. The species comes from western Asia. Trees can reach a height of up to 25-30m in the natural environment. The plant has a matt gray bark and small double-row pins with a characteristic smell.


Caucasian fir cut


Caucasian fir in a pot


Decorative branches

Caucasian fir plantation, loaction

Karwin (gmina Karlino) zachodniopomorskie voivodeship

Caucasian fir plantation, gallery